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A press release can be an effective weapon in the fight for media and public attention. In fact, many business people don’t even think twice before writing or ordering a press release, correctly assuming that a release can provide the necessary publicity to boost sales. As much as a well-written press release can do for your image, you need [...]

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One of the most basic ways of reaching the trade media with information they can use in their online or printed publications is the press or news release. Press releases should be written in a journalistic news style and can be delivered to your media contacts by fax, e-mail, postal mail (not done much these [...]

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There are many frequent press release mistakes, that you must avoid these pricey errors. You do not get a second chance to correct the negative impressions left by an ineffectively written release. 1. Passive voice sentences are difficult to read. Editors often examine through thousands of press release each day, and those that are too [...]

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When you think of public relations, press releases and media kits are usually the first thing that comes to mind. But in a world with shorter attention spans and the need for instant information, the internet and social media are the new frontier of PR. So how do you stay relevant in an internet obsessed [...]

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One of the biggest problems in newsrooms is the lack of attribution in any content produced.  Reporters love to say something happened at a crime scene and forget to say how they know it actually happened.  There are also times when it’s overdone, which is why using the word ‘alledgely’ is almost a joke these [...]

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While you should never write a press release using a fill in the blank format, it is important to have the proper formatting for your press release before you send the press release. So here is a sample press release format to use as a guide when distributing a press release, whether it’s through PRNewsChannel ( [...]

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Make sure your press release headline captures the essense of your press release message.

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