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My first day at my internship with Selig Multimedia has come and gone and it was a success. So what did I gain and walk away with on my first day? Something that is very simple, yet very crucial. I am in my second semester as a junior and had yet to hear the term [...]

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At Selig Multimedia, we are always looking for new ways to engage our interns to provide them with the best learning experience possible. In our newest segment, “Intern Perspectives”, we will have our spring intern, Kerriann, blog about her observations and experiences. We are very excited to have her and we hope to all learn [...]

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Writing in general is a tough task for some people. But, many people are surprised at how difficult press release writing can be without the proper training. Press release writing needs to follow the same rules as a news article. It’s important to be aware of grammar and AP style rules, because a simple mistake [...]

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A press release is meant to announce your website or your product to the rest of the world. Reporters and editors look for interesting press releases to fill up their publications. But those press releases must be informative and appealing, giving interested parties a reason to publish your release. Talk about why your product, service, or company [...]

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A press release is a statement about a new product or service, released singly or simultaneously via the media. There are many ways to issue a press release including calling a press conference, sending out copies to television, newspaper and radio yourself or with the help of a press release distribution service. Press releases should be short and [...]

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Business owners look for any means to generate profit for their company, whether it’s advertising in print or television or having someone stand on the corner with a sign promoting their latest deal. There is an untouched resource awaiting these companies in the form of press releases. Using a press release writing and distribution company, [...]

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Before the advent of the Internet, press releases were mainly linked with the product launch or any special event. But, these days these press releases are not limited to such things as they have evolved into a perfect tool to boost up the online presence of your company or products. Now-a-days, they are used to [...]

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There is a big and varied audience out there to reach with a press release. To give you an idea who a press release service should be writing to, take a look at the potential readership. -Press releases written mainly for search engines have become very prevalent, and even common-place. Many companies have realized that [...]

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Press releases are a popular tool for promotion of modern business. Nowadays, press release submission and distribution is among the most popular phenomenon in SEO, online marketing and advertising. However, getting maximum benefits of press release is an art. People need to have mastery in the art of writing strategic press releases in order to [...]

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When you think of public relations, press releases and media kits are usually the first thing that comes to mind. But in a world with shorter attention spans and the need for instant information, the internet and social media are the new frontier of PR. So how do you stay relevant in an internet obsessed [...]

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