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CAT | How to Distribute a Press Release

A vital part in the press release distribution process is deciding where to send your press release. Choosing where to send your press release can be just as important as the information included in the press release. The press release distribution company you choose to use should send your release to relevant reporters and media [...]

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As a self published author you get to keep most of the profits with the sale of your book. But with that comes the responsibility of doing your own book marketing. “Publishing directly on e-books helps authors bypass traditional publishing costs, increases their chances of publication and enables greater flexibility of content and structure,” writes [...]

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There are many ways to get media attention for your story, product or business. Most publicists would agree that the best way to get media attention is to hire a professional with unique connections to the media outlets you want to target. Journalists are notoriously hard to reach, but, there are a few tricks of the trade [...]

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A press release is meant to announce your website or your product to the rest of the world. Reporters and editors look for interesting press releases to fill up their publications. But those press releases must be informative and appealing, giving interested parties a reason to publish your release. Talk about why your product, service, or company [...]

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A press release is a statement about a new product or service, released singly or simultaneously via the media. There are many ways to issue a press release including calling a press conference, sending out copies to television, newspaper and radio yourself or with the help of a press release distribution service. Press releases should be short and [...]

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It was supposed to be a press release announcing a business deal. Such a release gets some positive press in business and industry publications. But this one went really wrong.

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Do your press release writing for humans and search engines. Although they may look for different types of information in a press release, humans and search engines both want the same thing – great content.

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What is a Media Release? A media release is a prepared news story that you write and send to the media. If it contains the type of useful information an editor needs, your chance of publication is greater. An editor may reprint all or a section of your release as an article. Or it may be used as background information for an article already in the works. And if you’re lucky, a journalist may be sent out on assignment to interview you for a comprehensive story about your business. A photographer is sometimes used, which will maximize your exposure.

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If you want publicity then you have to start communicating with the online world. The best way to announce company changes, new products or services, and notable events is with a press release. Should you write your own press release or outsource the job to a press release distribution service? Most companies give press release [...]

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Let’s discuss what a press release distribution means to today’s web-savvy entrepreneur. Though the term press release was originally associated with newspaper publications, the advent of the Internet has resulted in a whole new generation of press-worthy announcements. By definition, a press release is merely a company’s attempt to gain publicity. Of course, rather than [...]

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