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How to determine where to send your press release

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A vital part in the press release distribution process is deciding where to send your press release. Choosing where to send your press release can be just as important as the information included in the press release.

The press release distribution company you choose to use should send your release to relevant reporters and media outlets. For example, if you have a press release on a children’s book about sharing, it’s best not to have your press release sent to a Wall Street Journal business reporter. Sending your press release to anyone and everyone could be seen as spamming, which is what you don’t want for your press release.

Consider the outlets that you want your press release to be sent to. Go beyond what type of reporters to send your press release to and determine what type of publication should receive your press release. It may be best for your press release to be distributed to media outlets in your local area versus national media outlets. Sometimes the best coverage can come from local reporters because they tend to be more interested in things happening in their community. Your press release distribution company should assist in making these decisions with you.

Take into consideration that blogs and online-only publications are a good place to send press releases as they can create a wider online presence if they choose to cover your release.


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