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There are many ways to get media attention for your story, product or business. Most publicists would agree that the best way to get media attention is to hire a professional with unique connections to the media outlets you want to target. Journalists are notoriously hard to reach, but, there are a few tricks of the trade [...]

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Experts may impart many Halloween marketing tips. But here’s the biggest right now: Halloween may seem like a long way off, but the time for online marketing is now. If you want to beat your competition by reaching customers on the web through online marketing for Halloween you need to get a jump on the [...]

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The purpose of the press release has evolved over time—now it not only serves to get media attention, but also provides a well written reference for people, not just the press, to read about your company or organization. This includes potential employees or volunteers, consumers, stakeholders or anyone else interested in what you offer. Many [...]

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Throughout the creation of any new company, new business owners often become exhausted with all the tasks that must be accomplished. Sometimes new business owner even become so stressed that they quit and dispose of their new found company.

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Companies write and distribute press releases to announce new products or special promotions. Media outlets are flooded with hundreds of these press releases a day. So what can you do to make your release stand out among the rest? Hire a public relations professional. By hiring PR professionals, like PR NewsChannel, you are increasing your [...]

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A press release is meant to announce your website or your product to the rest of the world. Reporters and editors look for interesting press releases to fill up their publications. But those press releases must be informative and appealing, giving interested parties a reason to publish your release. Talk about why your product, service, or company [...]

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Irish people and people of Irish descent object to using the phrase ‘St. Patty’s.’ The diminutive form of Patrick (which is derived from the Irish name Pádraig) is “Paddy,” whereas the term “Patty” is commonly a diminutive for the female name Patricia, or for female forms of Patrick.

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Facebook and Twitter have long been the most popular social media platforms, and countless businesses both large and small have used the free social networking services to their advantage. Although the price is appealing, social media can do more harm than good for your publicity if you don’t know how to utilize it as a [...]

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If your business is small, that does not mean that you can afford to lose client. And – unfortunately – one bad blog comment or forum post that has managed to rank Google page 1 for the name of your brand (product, service, etc.) can seriously damage your sales.

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Your on-site content has been optimized, the Meta and ALT tags have been reviewed and Google Analytics has been added. Think your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts are finished? Think again! Once you are happy with your on-site SEO efforts, it is time to focus on off-site optimization. This is where your public relations or [...]

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