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How much information is too much information in a press release?

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As you begin the writing process for your press release, it’s imperative to know what to include and what to leave out. Understandably, you may think that every bit of information on your book, product or story should be included in your press release. Wrong. What you may think is important to include may not be important to the journalists reading it.

Basic information that should always be included in press releases should answer the “5 W’s,” who, what, when, where and why. This information should have a newsworthy angle for journalists, but it also shouldn’t overload the non-journalists, in other words, the average consumer. Your press release needs to include information that answers the one question readers tend to ask: “Why should I care?”

While promoting your topic, avoid any jargon or hype in your press release. You can’t answer the “Why should I care?” question with “because our company is amazing.” It’s too promotional and will more than likely turn journalists off from your release and quite possibly, your company.  Using jargon that applies to only your field will confuse the average reader. It’s tempting to use words that you’re used to, but remember, others outside of your world won’t know what you’re talking about. Keep the words simple and conversational.

Don’t include the entire company history in the press release, as it is irrelevant to what you’re trying to promote.  That information should be reserved for your “About Company X,” but even then, you should include the key points about your business like when it was founded, what you do and any recent achievements.

Overall your press release should be light, yet informational enough to keep readers wanting to know more about your topic.


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