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Some business owners really do believe that their competitors are luckier than they are when it comes to getting their press releases or story placements into the right, targeted publications. If there is one sure and certain thing in the changing, evolving practice of public relations, it is that “luck” is never a component (at [...]

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Search Engine Optimization is no longer just corporate marketing executives. Public relations departments are also benefiting from SEO practices. Think about it; when journalists are researching a story or consumers are looking for a company, product or service, the first place they look are the internet. So why not do whatever you can to keep [...]

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From time to time we get calls about press kits a.k.a. media kits.  Hmmm.  Press kits.  First, we should discuss what they are.    A press kit is a set of documents that provide the media with information they need to know about you and your company to be able to write a story about you. They used to [...]

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