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Is a press release the right move?

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A common occurrence at public relations firms is the confusion a client faces between the option of using a publicity campaign or a press release.  It all depends on the story your client has. A majority of the time, clients will think they have a story that requires a publicity campaign when really it is the type of story, such as a soft or hard news piece, where a press release will suffice.

Examples of a soft news story can range from trends to a personal profile while hard news story can range from a job promotion within a big company to a stock split. As you work with a public relations specialist, he or she will assist you in determining whether a campaign or release is the right route for you.

Opting to do a press release can prove to be more beneficial than a publicity campaign. Determining what to include and what not to include can make or break a press release on an important topic.

If you end up choosing to use a press release rather than a campaign, there is certain information to include that will be beneficial in getting your press release recognized.  Crucial information such as media contact is a must, but information that answers the 5 W’s -Who, What, When, Where, Why – is extremely helpful for readers interested in your story.

Avoid any information that blatantly slanders competition and any information that is sexually explicit or is harmful to others. While it is important to inform readers about your topic in your release, avoid advertising or selling yourself.


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