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A press release is a document that is considered a means of advertising a business. It is an announcement or a piece of news that is expected to get media attention so they’ll publish it in their journals, newspapers, websites, etc, which, of course, means that the release will help you get targeted traffic. Writing [...]

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A press release is a statement about a new product or service, released singly or simultaneously via the media. There are many ways to issue a press release including calling a press conference, sending out copies to television, newspaper and radio yourself or with the help of a press release distribution service. Press releases should be short and [...]

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Let’s discuss what a press release distribution means to today’s web-savvy entrepreneur. Though the term press release was originally associated with newspaper publications, the advent of the Internet has resulted in a whole new generation of press-worthy announcements. By definition, a press release is merely a company’s attempt to gain publicity. Of course, rather than [...]

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There is a big and varied audience out there to reach with a press release. To give you an idea who a press release service should be writing to, take a look at the potential readership. -Press releases written mainly for search engines have become very prevalent, and even common-place. Many companies have realized that [...]

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Writing a press release is no easy task, especially if you aren’t a journalist. However, it’s worthwhile to educate yourself about writing a press release. A solid one will entice the public to learn more about your organization. Below are a few hints to help your press release achieve its potential. 1) Give Your Facts [...]

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The average business owner or company sometimes struggles with understanding when the appropriate time is to issue a press release. Like so much of marketing, it often times comes down to common sense. When to actually issue a press release depends on several things, including the following: • The company has important or newsworthy information [...]

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A press release is usually a definite statement about a new product or service, released singularly or simultaneously via the media. There are many ways to issue a press release, i.e. call for a press conference and give a concise statement regarding your product, write a descriptive note and send it to the editors of [...]

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By all accounts, Herndon,Va.-based Financial Investments, Inc.  (FII) didn’t absolutely need to mount a press release writing and distribution campaign. The modest investment firm located in the Washington, D.C. Metro area had twice been selected to the prestigious Inc. 500 list by Inc. magazine, and the company and its proprietary company have also received top national [...]

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