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Let’s discuss what a press release distribution means to today’s web-savvy entrepreneur. Though the term press release was originally associated with newspaper publications, the advent of the Internet has resulted in a whole new generation of press-worthy announcements. By definition, a press release is merely a company’s attempt to gain publicity. Of course, rather than letting the news media report the latest goings-on, which tend to be neutral or even negative, a company might prefer to take the initiative and make new announcements of their own.

These announcements could be anything from damage control announcements to new product releases, or financial updates. A press release distribution for the web is usually promotional in nature. A website may be promoting a new product, or a new service or may be promoting its usual services. Press releases are also standard for announcing an event, or a charity effort.

A professional press release distribution tries to focus on newsworthy information. Everyone wants to “sell.” However, the best press releases (which are also the most widely distributed) focus on facts and extraordinary details, and keep an objective tone. A press release should adhere to the Associated Press style of writing, meaning very concise.

In business, a press release is usually written by a staff writer or the public relations department. Therefore, when it’s time for a press release distribution to be outsourced, try your best to work with experienced writers. When the release is written, it is distributed to various news outlets, who maintain the right to publish the story or ignore it. Sources with numerous media connections will send their stories straight to popular news outlets.

What factors decide whether a press release is picked up or ignored? Mainly, it depends on the needs of the news outlet. The editors will examine the writing and the product (or service), and determine how much space they have to give. They also consider the perceived interest of their online public. Yes, in the end, it’s all about traffic. The most interesting and reader-friendly press releases will be chosen. Press releases that read too much like hype will be discarded.

If you are interested in a press release distribution for your company, look for an experienced SEO firm that understands Associated Press style. Indeed, the best press releases can very easily capture the attention of the Wall Street Journal, FOX Business News and Forbes. Take an active part in promoting your company on the web!



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