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It’s time to get some hands-on experience. I was given the opportunity to write my first press release today for one of our clients. Taking the tips from the staff and what I had learned in school I got to work. I was anxious at first, but when I relaxed, I was able to enjoy the [...]

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I sat in on a meeting where the staff was brainstorming and strategizing for one of their out-of-state clients, just opened a new restaurant. The client wanted to get their name out in their local community, and no better way to achieve this then with social media. By using Twitter and a program called “TweetDeck,” [...]

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Facebook and Twitter have long been the most popular social media platforms, and countless businesses both large and small have used the free social networking services to their advantage. Although the price is appealing, social media can do more harm than good for your publicity if you don’t know how to utilize it as a [...]

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Some business owners really do believe that their competitors are luckier than they are when it comes to getting their press releases or story placements into the right, targeted publications. If there is one sure and certain thing in the changing, evolving practice of public relations, it is that “luck” is never a component (at [...]

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There are still inexpensive ways to get the word out about your business. You just have to have the patience and creativity to find them! Here are a few techniques and tips that will help you to get started with a public relations campaign: – Develop a simple PR plan. You don’t need a complex [...]

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A press release is usually a definite statement about a new product or service, released singly or simultaneously via the media. There are many ways to issue a press release, i.e. call for a press conference and give a concise statement regarding your product, write a descriptive note and send it to the editors of [...]

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Adding quotes, whether they are personal or from a company spokesperson is a great way to spice up what would ordinarily be a mundane press release.  These quotes can be used to reaffirm facts stated in the copy, but it is best if they convey some kind of opinion or point of view. For example, [...]

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It is very difficult to capture the attention of reporters, producers and other media personnel. It’s also not easy keeping their attention. Here are some things to keep in mind while writing and distributing a press release.

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After collectively holding its breath last week as news leaked out about Tiger Woods being injured in a car accident, the sports world quickly exhaled and started asking why…and how? Soon, we learned the world’s best golfer and, arguably, the most well known athlete on the planet isn’t infallible. His response, or lack thereof, failed on many levels. [...]

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During this time of year (especially this year), people are looking to save and cut costs at every opportunity. They’re getting up early for crazy retail discounts, they’re cooking and eating in instead of going out for a big holiday dinner, who knows, maybe they’re even re-using old wrapping paper. It stands to reason, then, [...]

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