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Why Hiring a Pro to Write a Press Release Pays Off

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During this time of year (especially this year), people are looking to save and cut costs at every opportunity. They’re getting up early for crazy retail discounts, they’re cooking and eating in instead of going out for a big holiday dinner, who knows, maybe they’re even re-using old wrapping paper.

It stands to reason, then, that a growing number of people and businesses are writing their own press releases instead of hiring someone to do it for them. In fact, several big name press release distribution services actually make their clients write their own releases. For the customer, though, it’s cost effective, but ultimately, it’s also somewhat dangerous. The old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ comes to mind.

Now, this is certainly no indictment of any individual’s or company’s writing ability; in fact, quite the opposite. More often than not, these people and businesses know the subject matter of their press releases better than anyone. The problem is they are often too close. They know the best way to sell the product, idea, website, etc., but they don’t know the best way to write a release about it.

If you’re trying to generate any kind of buzz, be it through the media or search engines, your release shouldn’t read like an advertisement. It will get ignored by members of the media, and more often than not, will probably end up getting caught in a spam filter. Instead of just listing the virtues of your subject matter, the key is trying to cultivate an active news angle that will catch the eye of the media outlets you’re contacting. A new lip gloss may be stylish, but maybe it’s also affordable, biodegradable, or has a positive message to teens. Ask yourself this question: if you’re a member of the media, what angle grabs your attention more?

PRNewsChannel, a leading press release writing and press release distribution company, is the only PR news wire entirely owned and operated by former journalists. They have decades of newsroom experience, and they know how to write a press release with the right balance of newsworthiness and commitment to subject matter. Their press release writing and distribution professionals will ensure their clients have creative control throughout the writing process, and will work with them to make sure nothing gets released to the media without their consent.

You may know your subject matter better than anyone, but having a professional handle your press release writing is often the difference in getting you the exposure you deserve.


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