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Self publishing still requires publicity

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As a self published author you get to keep most of the profits with the sale of your book. But with that comes the responsibility of doing your own book marketing.

“Publishing directly on e-books helps authors bypass traditional publishing costs, increases their chances of publication and enables greater flexibility of content and structure,” writes Ellyne Phneah in “However, marketing efforts will be important for these authors, who can turn to Internet marketing and social media.”

And there are plenty of places with their hands out ready to take your money.

So it’s buyer beware.

Though there are many companies treading in this space, not all of them are reputable. They charge a bundle and some of them are in it for the money, plain and simple.

They could care less if you get what you need. So choose wisely.

We’re partial to PR NewsChannel: Honest, affordable and very experienced working with authors and a variety of publishers. Just check the latest book releases page.

In general, book press releases are an affordable book marketing techique; a way to get your book to the media and to the masses.

“One press release can easily be sent to thousands of publications, who in turn have a collective audience of tens/dozens even hundreds of millions of people. If you’ve consumed any kind of news today whether online, on the television/radio or in a newspaper then you are one of the people making up these audiences,” writes Piece of Care PR on its blog.

When selecting a place to write and distribute the press release for your new book, you may want to check out: “Decoding book press release distribution myths.”

Your book won’t sell itself. A press release without distribution is like writing a letter without sending it. They go hand-in-hand.

And just like a letter, you have choices.

But make sure marketing your book with press releases you leave time and dedicate some money to marketing!


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