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How to sell books using traditonal press releases, online press releases as articles.

book-marketing-PRWe have literally helped thousands of authors promote their new books using press releases.

Online press releases and traditional press releases offer great ways to create buzz for a book and to reach consumers directly. It is an important and affordable component of book marketing.

One of most frustrating things that authors and publishers face is getting news media outlets to plug a book. It’s not easy getting a book to roll out on NBC’s ‘Today’ or ABC’s ‘GMA.’ It takes connections, a great book and a bit of luck to land that type of marketing success.

Online press release articles target potential book buyers and then drives them to where they can buy the book.

But authors and publishers can use online press releases as articles for book marketing. They can write a press release using key words associated with the book, and distribute the press release online using PR NewsChannel.

We send those press releases to media outlets and directly to reporters, editors and writers. We also inject the press releases into the search engines and on to a boatload of websites that syndicate our press releases for maximum visibility.

You want to make certain that you hyperlink certain key words or phrases to a specific Web site. But you want to add enough of those targeted key words or phrases to an online press release so it materializes on the search engines to target your audience. That’s how you create a book marketing success story and sell books!

Let’s say your book is science fiction oriented. You can optimize a press release article for ‘science fiction book’ because that phrase is search for 91,000 times each month. Capture that term, and you push traffic your press release article touting your book and to your website.

If you’re a money expert who wrote a book on saving money, you can write a release on ‘money saving tips’ combination of keywords. That phrase is used to search 74,000 times each month.

Book press release writing is a critical component to this process. So if you don’t know how to write a Search Engine Optimized press release article, we can help with that too!

When it comes to book marketing, you may also want to consider a Twitter marketing campaign, we call Twipitch.

At PR NewsChannel, we will help get your book noticed. Contact us by phone or email for to learn more of various services that we offer!

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