Book Press Release Creation

A professional crafted press release helps books grab attention

book press release creationA book press release is the most cost-effective way of getting attention for a new book.

A book press release announces a new book, announces a book signing or touts a nice book review.

A book press release also can be used to comment on current events that relate to your book, announce a public speaking engagement or brag about a new book publisher.

Advertising costs a lot of money. So book press release creation is an important–even vital–component to the success of a new book.

The book press release our expert writers create for you will be ready for distribution to the news media and online into the search engines so it can be found by consumers directly.

Press release creation: How it works

1. You complete a questionnaire… or one of our award-winning, professional staff writers interviews you about your new book.

2. The press release is crafted, reflecting the themes of your new book to help grab attention.

3. The book press release is written both to grab attention from reporters and editors and also for the search engines using “key word search terms” so your press release is found by consumers.

We have vast experience working with authors who have independent publishers, and authors choosing the self-publishing, or on-demand route, for book press release creation.

4. We then send you the press release to review.

5. You either okay it or suggest revisions.

IMPORTANT: The press release belongs to you and you are free to send it to your own contacts or use on your Amazon, Barnes and Nobles or other pages–including your own web page.

6. You can then optionally send the press release using our award-winning press release distribution service. (Ask about a discount when you purchase one or more book marketing services.)

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Oh, and before we forget… Congratulations on your new book!