Press Release Writing

To maximize the effects, press releases should be written for people to read and for search engines to ingest. There's an art to achieving that balance and we've mastered it.

There’s a certain art to writing press releases to interest journalists while standing out in search engines. A well written press release–one that sounds like a news article–does both, gaining online exposure and attracting potential clients and news media attention.

We’re not ashamed to say that we’ve mastered the art of press release writing in the information age. And we’ve refined the technique of the Social Media Press Release.

Press Release Writing: How it Works

One of our ‘PR Journalists’ will interview, research and write a press release for you. Our staff PR Journalists are award-winning, experienced former print or broadcast journalists who know how to get the attention of a newsroom and know SEO.

Our staff ‘PR Journalists’ are simply the best in the business. They are former journalists specially trained in public relations.

Each press release is written so it appears high in the search engines where potential clients, consumers and even reporters are searching.

Don’t Get Lost on the Web

If you were in a crowded stadium, you wouldn’t just sit in your seat, make some important statement and expect anyone to hear you, would you? Rather, you would try to do something to get people’s attention so you stand out in the crowd.

Well, unless you correctly search engine optimize your press release, it will be like screaming in a crowd without first getting their attention. If you don’t want to get lost in the crowd, search engine optimization is critical.

Are you trying to bury negative news about you or your company online? Or are you looking for online reputation management (ORM)? We can help!

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