Affiliate Program

Earn cash promoting PR NewsChannel - the affiliate program that pays!

PRNC Rewards ProgramAre you a website publisher or a not for profit seeking an affiliate program that pays? Affiliating with us can earn you lots of easy money every month. All you do is promote PR NewsChannel to your followers and readers through a link on your website or newsletter, and the rest is up to us!

As the affiliate program that pays, earn up to 25% on commissions through sales generated via the PR NewsChannel Online Shop. Affiliates earn an average of $50 PER SALE. It is the most generous affiliate program you will find. Anywhere.

Please note that we are looking for motivated, medium to high-traffic websites and organizations with a focus on small business, marketing, public relations and publishing or reaches that audience.

  • Affiliates are provided with their own dashboards, where you can access your own unique link, update details, run reports and grab creatives and codes to embed in your website or newsletters, including custom coupon codes to track your sales (which is great for Instagram and Pinterest).
  • We’ll calculate the total commission due
  • We send you the money!

Apply now, or email Suzy Mickel at  for more information. We are the affiliate program that pays!