Sending a Press Release – How We’re Different

Where do we begin?

You’ve got a new product, new website, new book, new business… NOW what you want to do is BREAK THROUGH and get attention!

If you’re a Fortune 500 or one of the Dow Jones Industrials, you’ve already broken through.

But the rest…

That’s where we, the press newswire and content syndicator, come in.

By demystifying press release distribution…

By simplifying what others have made unnecessarily complicated…

By offering full service in a self serve industry…

By extending an extra helping-hand

And by delivering results at a price that’s affordable

PR NewsChannel makes BREAKING THROUGH possible so you and your company can get noticed by reporters, consumers and potential clients!

Contact us and tell us a bit about yourself. We’d like to see if we can help you achieve your press release distribution goals.

Sending a press release is EASY!

If you enjoy the convenience of ordering online 24/7, Shop our Online Store… new products are added all the time. If you prefer a little hand-holding, we offer that too! Simply create a new FREE account now.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, which you will find is second to none. And soon you will discover why small businesses, professionals and global Fortune 500 companies have selected PR NewsChannel for press release wire services and content syndication.

Check out the video below… and keep reading on after that…

We’re so unique we thought it would be fun to create our own Top 10 List of what makes us different. So…

Top 10 Ways PR NewsChannel is Different:

1. Customer service. You won’t find a press release newswire that is more committed to customer service than we are.

2.  Designed for Breaking ThroughA Fortune 500 company has already broken through, so when they “talk” (euphemism for sending a press release), everybody listens the first time. If you’re like the rest, you may need to pound your message with more than one press release. Our pricing, philosophy and structure makes that possible. The fact of the matter is this: We’re strong enough for the Fortune 500s, but created for the others eager to break through!

3. Breaking News Desk. If you find yourself in the middle of breaking news or a developing story and need instant help, our Breaking News Desk is at your service 24 hours a day. Much like a doctor’s office that has an Urgent Care! Find out more.

4. FREE editorial review. When you purchase a distribution, we make sure your press release is ready for prime time. Other newswires provide only a cursory review of your press release.

5. Unlimited categories inclusion. We include your press release in as many categories that fit your news at one affordable price.

6. Unlimited words. We are firm believers that your press release should be as long as it needs to be to get your news out there, for one price. No more. No less.

7. No hidden costs or membership fees. Nothing’s worse than surprises.

8. FREE photo, logo and hosted upload. We encourage you to submit one logo, one photo or one document (large file photo, PDF) with each press release distribution which we will “upload” to and host for you. (Additional photos, logos or other customizations may be extra.) We also make it easy to SEO enhance your press release.

9. FREE hyperlinks. There are no extra costs to link to your website or a third-party site.

10. We’ve got the Secret Sauce. We use this so-called Secret Sauce on every press release we distribute. And you will taste the difference (so to speak).

Press release distribution should be pleasant and straightforward. In the end, you will be celebrating the success of getting… Your news. Everywhere.

In the areas that really matter, we offer more and we offer it better. Get Started Now.