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PRNC_Make_PRNC_SwitchWhat you get with PR NewsChannel are results that rival or exceed what you’d see with other top tier press release distribution companies or content distribution services BUT with a reasonable, affordable price.

What a concept, hah? Why should you spend hundreds of dollars more for something you can get for much, much less?

We get it. You’ve never used a newswire service before. And you have limited funds.

Or you’ve been down this press release distribution road before. You’ve used one or more of our competitors but were underwhelmed. You thought they charged WAY too much for what you got in return.

Well, to be honest, we hear that a lot.

You want results. You want reporting. You want online and social media penetration. You want outstanding customer service. You want a newswire with incredible reach, with an impeccable reputation, that delivers and with a price you can afford.

With PR NewsChannel, you get that, a PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE and more!

Here’s the deal with us. We’re not interested in charging you outrageous sums to distribute a press release. We don’t appreciate the nickel and diming that has become a norm in this business–so we don’t do it. Get Started Now.

So this may not come as a news flash: Because of how we do what we do, our competitors don’t like us very much… but our clients do! :-).

How about reaching out and let’s get the conversation going? You’ll be glad you did!

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