Content for Publishers

Enhance your website or blog with a custom news feed free of charge.

On the Internet content is king.

What makes any website or blog popular is good solid content.

At PR NewsChannel, we’re all about content.

We distribute news from small and mid-sized company throughout the day–in English and Spanish.

We have hundreds of news feeds. And we can even provide a custom news feed free of charge. The feed and its content will automatically update on your website.

PR NewsChannel generates content via NewsML–which is delivered via a “push” method. We also offer RSS and Atom feeds.

But if all that sounds like gobbledy gook, no worries. Adding our feeds to your website is easy peasy! We’ll help make sure if goes smoothly.

If you wish to become an official Media Partner, we’ve got some incentives to make this a true win-win.

PR NewsChannel has publishing partners across the U.S., Canada and around the world. If you’re interested in becoming one of them, please contact us or email .