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Political marketing, SEO for politiciansRepublican, Democrat, Libertarian or Independent.  Tea Party, environmentalist or union.  At PR NewsChannel we don’t take sides.

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PR NewsChannel is used strategically by politicians and groups for its SEO (Search Engine Optimization) power to bypass media outlets and bring information straight to voters, providing an added punch.

Political consultants and politicians of all political persuasions rely on PR NewsChannel to:

  • improve and create a candidate’s online reputation
  • control what voters see in search engines
  • drive traffic to a candidate’s or third-party website
  • build name recognition
  • mount a social networking campaign and build a following
  • issue advocacy

Money may play a large role in any campaign. But the Internet is changing how the game is played and, is, in many ways, leveling playing fields for politicians, political parties and political activists.

Back in 2008, a survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that Americans were relying heavily on the Internet for political participation. Then nearly half, 46 percent, of all Americans used the Internet, email or cell phone text messaging to participate in politics.

Given that, how many people today are going online to learn about their candidates?

Online press releases distributed via PR NewsChannel offer candidates a leg up over the competition. Done right, the press releases can help give candidates a winning edge, helps the under-funded politico stand out or sets the record straight with voters.

Whether it’s gorilla political marketing or a conservative approach, the power of PR NewsChannel helps political candidates and political groups dominate online. Contact us to learn more or for a FREE consultation.

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