About Us

Who we are and how we came to be.

PR NewsChannel about usPR NewsChannel is a global online content syndicator and email press release newswire created by journalists. PR NewsChannel is for companies trying to break through the noise and get noticed!

PR NewsChannel makes it possible for companies and public relations professionals to present news to the public exactly as they want it–without relying on any gate-keeping reporters. We distribute your news, your way to the search engines and our syndicators so the public sees it first-hand–and unfiltered. Your news gets reported as you want it. (How’s that for power?)

We also distribute news via email to reporters and editors around the world using  a HUGE database that is constantly updated.

We’re the choice of so many companies because we’re affordable, effective and offer unparalleled customer support.

Our Birth Story

Our journey began in 2007 after taking a hard look at the press release distribution industry. We found that the perceived industry leaders failed to pay enough attention to quality.  They appeared to be more interested in volume. And they were geared to the largest of the companies that have already made names for themselves. But what about the others, still working to break through?

Feedback showed that leading newswires consistently received poor marks from their members for customer service and ROI (return on investment).  Customers felt they were being overcharged and the news distribution companies had under-delivered.

So, we asked ourselves these questions:

1.  Can we make it easier for a company or an individual to share their news?
2.  Is it possible to make it more affordable?
3.  Can we find a way to offer a little hand-holding and guidance; assistance that demystifies and simplifies the press release business?

Our answers:  Yes.  Yes.  And of course! Why not?

In 2007, in Tampa, Fla., PR NewsChannel was born,  creating a difference in the world of press release distribution. And one targeting the 99% of companies working to break through!

Staying true to our journalistic origins, we proudly abide by the AP Stylebook, a bible of sorts to leading newspapers and other news outlets, offering style and usage guidelines.

We look forward to getting to know you.  It’s time for you to see Your News.  Everywhere.