Media Monitoring

BreakThrough Report™ provides complete data so you can track and analyze performance of any press release

A comprehensive Media Monitoring report is provided with each press release distribution. For an additional fee, that report can be expanded for brand monitoring across all media platforms: Internet, television, radio and print.

BreakThrough Report

Click image to view a sample BreakThrough Report™ that includes where press releases are distributed and links to the press release on our news syndicator partner websites.

Complementary BreakThrough Report

Within 24 hours of your press release distribution, we provide you full reporting, which we call the BreakThrough Report™.

BreakThrough Reports show how much you’ve moved the ball toward your goal. They show how your press release is performing and your message is resonating.

For all online distributions: We show you where your press release has turned up on the Internet, including links to our media partner syndicator websites, our PR NewsChannel Syndication Network.

For email distributions: We provide a complete list of where PR NewsChannel sent the press release.

View sample BreakThrough Report: BreakThrough_Report. The report includes a list of syndicator sites where your release appear including links.

Also includes: Syndicator Feed List

And there’s more reporting that’s possible…

Reputation, Topics Monitoring 

For additional fees, we provide monitoring across all media platforms: TV, radio, print and Internet so you can follow your brand’s reputation, identify trends or keep an eye competitors.  We offer a video clipping service that monitors media all over the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, among many other countries, as well as a robust online search mechanism and print clipping service via LexisNexis®.