What does PR NewsChannel do?
We provide the tools and mechanisms to bring exposure to businesses, individuals and websites through press release writing and distribution. We employ experts with both journalism and public relations experience and leverage the power of PR NewsChannel to make sure your news reaches the right people and motivates them to take action.

What is a press release?
A press release is an article from a business, individual or website that is used to gain exposure online or in traditional media. Press releases are created and distributed to control the message companies or individuals want to send to the public and get noticed in the news. Though the word “press” is in press release, press releases are NOT just for the press anymore. In fact, savvy companies commonly use them to sidestep the press and reach consumers directly.

What is press release distribution?
Press release distribution is a method used by companies and individuals to send newsworthy or noteworthy items to members of the media and to the public. Press release distribution is also an effective way to increase exposure online, build links to websites and boost website rankings.

Is the online distribution of press releases that you do basically content syndication? 
Bingo! Content syndication is the process that pushes your press release article, blog, site, or video content to third-party sites. PR NewsChannel has a vast syndication network that distributes your press release across various news sites and verticals. The goal is to produce more engagement with your press release article and create interest and interaction with you and/or your company or products. Tons of companies trust PR NewsChannel for content syndication and distribution.

Would you help me write my press release?
Sure! We can write the entire press release for you, or we can review an existing press release and suggest changes. We also offer an option where we will Search Engine Optimize (SEO) your press release. There is an additional cost for press release writing services.

How do I send you my press release?
After you create a free account, you’ll have access to our secure, password-protected ShareFile system. You can send us your press release in a Microsoft Word or PDF format along with any photos and logos. Then, we will call or email you to review your submission.

How quickly will you distribute my press release after I send it to you?
During regular business hours, we can usually distribute your press release within an hour of submission, after it goes through our editorial department for review.

Will you send my press release any time of day or night?
Yes. It can be sent any time day or night. If you send us your press release before 6 p.m. ET, we will send it out for you anytime you desire.

Will you send whatever I write?
As a courtesy, your press release will be reviewed for grammar, attribution, syntax and style. Your press release must meet certain minimum editorial standards in order for your press release to be distributed.

How much does your service cost?
That depends on the type of distribution.  We offer both online and email distribution, or a combination of the two.  Press release writing is available at an additional cost.  Read more about pricing.

Is membership required?
Yes, a FREE membership is required. We recommend signing up at least 24 hours before your press release needs to be distributed. It is possible that we can accommodate your needs sooner.  In an emergency, please contact our the Breaking News Desk for immediate assistance.

Does membership cost anything?
No. Signing up is FREE. However, we do require you submit credit card information. Nothing will be charged until you engage our services.

Do you have a rewards program? 
Yes. We call it the PReferred® VIP reward program. Joining is optional and saves you money. Check out the PReferred® VIP reward program to learn more about it.

Do you send press releases to news outlets by fax?
No, we do not. We believe that faxing is an antiquated method of distribution. We offer distribution via email and online to the top search engines and dozens of syndication partners. We offer a variety of press release distribution options.

Will you follow up with newsrooms to make sure the press release is received?
That is not a service that we offer. We will, upon request, submit to you a spreadsheet of the news outlets where your press release was distributed.  and a Web Monitor report so you can see the pickup online.

Do you offer Media Monitoring?
Yes. We offer Media Monitoring. In fact, we have something called a BreakThrough Report™.

And is it included or extra?
Yes. A BreakThrough Report™ is included with every distribution. There is an additional cost for the Social Media BreakThrough Report™. Read more about Media Monitoring.

Will you send the press release to personal contacts I provide to you?
No. Unfortunately we cannot send press releases to your personal contacts. However, from our website you can forward the link from your own dedicated page on PRNewsChannel.com.

Will you provide special formatting on press releases, such as bold, italics, etc.?
Generally speaking, yes, provided that the special formatting is aesthetically pleasing and it enhances the press release. It should be noted that some of our syndicators strip away the special formatting so your press release should not rely on special formatting.

Will the press release that you host on PRNewsChannel.com use a custom, SEO enhanced URL and do you used anchor texts for SEO purposes?
Yes, the URL is typically extracted from the headline but can be customized accordingly at no extra charge. And yes, we use anchor texts in links and photo embeds.

Does  it cost extra to embed photos, logos or videos in my press release?
We encourage you to use these elements because they enhance the Search Engine Optimization and make the press release more interactive! So, one photo or logo and one video embed are INCLUDED in every distribution. The video, however, should already be hosted on YouTube or similar service. (There may be additional charges involved if you require us to upload or host the video.)