Unlimited Content Distribution

Put all your news on steroids with Unlimited Content/Press Release Distribution from PR NewsChannel…

…Available now for the low price of $4,995 for the entire year… or $475 a month! Yep, you can send an unlimited number of press releases/content articles for only $4,995 or $475 a month!

(Yes we offer a 6 month plan and a monthly option too. Please scroll down.)

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that’s focused on creating and distributing relevant and consistent content to attract an audience — and, ultimately, to drive profit. And now you can distribute unlimited amounts of content for one LOW and AFFORDABLE price!

Want to learn more? Contact us! Scroll down for some Q & A:

What does “unlimited” content/press release distribution mean?

It means being able to distribute any number of press releases ONLINE via PR NewsChannel for one low price. This does NOT include email distribution or the PR NewsChannel syndication network, which may be added to any press release for an additional cost, but at a discounted rate.

You’ve used the word “press” as in press release. I’m confused. Is it for consumers or the press?

Ah, good question! We get asked that a lot. Today press releases are for both. The term press release used to apply just to the media. Now press releases are having a rebirth of sorts. Today they are used to reach the news media, i.e. the press, typically when they are emailed; press releases are leveraged to engage the public through content marketing and we call those “press release articles.”

How does Unlimited Press Release/Content Distribution work?
  1. With Unlimited Press Release distribution, you to input your press release.
  2. Our editorial department reviews it.
  3. We then inject it with “steroids” (AKA the PR NewsChannel Secret Sauce) and push the press release out to the search engines.
Are there limits on the length of press releases/articles?

No. We do not believe in word limits. However, we do believe in quality and standards. Each press release must meet minimum editorial standards or that press release won’t be distributed on PR NewsChannel.

Is there a contract required or any other fees?

Yes, there is a contract required. And there is a one-time $99 set up fee.

May I pay monthly?

Yes, the cost is $475 per month, with the first payment being: first and last month’s payment, plus the $99 set up fee. That would make the first payment $1,049. It would then be $475 per month for the next 10 months.

Do you offer a 6 month option?

Yes, the cost is $2,499 for 6 months, or $499 a month. Both require a $99 set up fee and an Agreement.

I realize that this unlimited option is only for online press release distribution. But may I upgrade any of the press releases/content to include email distribution to reporters and editors?

Yes, and as a client you will receive a 15% discount when doing so!

For more information, contact us at 888-399-5534 or email .