Business Development

We continually explore business development opportunities.

We look for new markets, new partnerships with other businesses and out of box ways to better serve clients.

We look for new markets… and out-of-box ways to better serve clients.

Our mantra is to be smart, innovative and to set trends; not just follow them.

Areas of most interest for business development:
1.  New market segments and sales channels
2.  Syndication of PR NewsChannel content
3.  Synergistic co-branded or reseller offerings
4.  New monitoring technology, mobile and app technology


Syndicating content

Do you run a website?  Or a news aggregator?  You can bring your readers news from top businesses.  It’s ‘sticky’ content from PR NewsChannel that already attracts millions of clicks each month.  Feeds are FREE and available via RSS, NewsML or Atom.  Add feeds to your site now.

Reseller program

Interested in becoming a PR NewsChannel reseller or affiliate?  Promote our services and make money.

We offer hefty commission-based incentives.

Please contact us at (888) 399-5534.