Reach Latinos, Hispanic Market with Guaranteed News Placement

There are more than 50 million Hispanics in the U.S, with an estimated purchasing power of more than $1-trillion.

Hispanics are the largest minority demographic in the United States and the U.S. Census Bureau estimates the Hispanic population will grow by nearly two million each year for the foreseeable future.

The percentages of Hispanics who only speak Spanish range from state to state: In California, nearly 14% only speak Spanish, it’s about the same for Texas and it’s about 8% in Florida. Those numbers underscore the need for companies to deliver news and information in Spanish if brands want to reach a core audience.

News Distribution

Top brands, such as Sony U.S. Latin, trust PR NewsChannel to deliver their news via the search engines and top syndication sites straight to consumers, and to distribute press releases via email to media that serve the Hispanic community and opinion leaders around the U.S. and world.

At PR NewsChannel, we also offer international, national, regional, specialty and custom distributions targeting the Hispanic market and enable you to interact with that audience in Spanish, English or both.

We also offer news distribution to TV, radio, print and online to the search engines and syndicated to 100-plus websites across the world.

Plus, for no additional cost, you may:

Embed photos and videos or offer downloadable high resolution photos.

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