Dominate Online

How to leverage the power of PR NewsChannel to engage and proliferate content

press releases for content marketing

Isn’t it time you dominate online?

Think of this: News about your business, your book, your organization, your synagogue or church, all over Google, Yahoo and Bing so your prospective customers or clients can find it when they go online and do a search…

Your news, your way… seen by the people who need to see it.

It’s not magic… It’s PR NEWSCHANNEL…

Write your own news story… doctor it for the search engines (fancy for search engine optimize it) and PR NewsChannel delivers it to the world…

Boost traffic to your website. Sell more books. Get more clients.

Promote a new product. Launch a new app. Publicize an online petition.

It’s perfect for lawyers looking for clients… doctors who want more patients… real estate agents selling a new home or looking for buyers… restaurants… business organizations… even fortune 500 and 100 companies.

Some people call these articles. Some call them press releases. And they changed over the years. Once used exclusively by businesses and public relations firms to notify the news media of something newsworthy, today press releases do so much more–especially online press releases.

Press releases are still used as vehicles to notify media reps. But sometimes press releases are used for content marketing purposes. Press releases are an effective, affordable tool to reach consumers directly by delivering content where you want content to materialize: the search engines.

As a result, press releases are an effective marketing tool.

Content marketing is playing an ever-expanding role when it comes to customer engagement.  A new study from BtoB magazine called “Content Marketing: Ready for Prime Time,” found that a third of companies are “very” or “fully” engaged with content marketing. That’s huge because that nearly doubles last year’s number of 18%.

The reason for its popularity: engagement.

Content marketing may involve a number of tools like blog posts, white papers, infographics, YouTube videos, articles creation and podcasts.

Press releases–not the old kind, but the new kind–open a whole new world of content marketing that’s not only powerful, but effective.

Online, you tap into the power of Search Engine Optimization and then you create content that delivers and engages.

And you can even embed videos and link to white papers, infographics and other resources.

The “new school” press release has rapidly become one of the powerful tools in a marketer’s toolbox.

And the beauty is this: The strategy of using press releases for content marketing works for any industry! Contact us to find out more.

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