Promote App

To market your app, try using a press release distributed by PR NewsChannel

promote app market appRegarding the issue of promoting an app, we came across this question:

“My iPhone app is buried in the App Store. Any advice for founders like me who need to promote their iPhone apps but don’t know how.”

TV advertising may be too expensive and social media marketing not quick or effective enough to promote an app. So press releases distributed by PR NewsChannel offer an affordable middle of the road option.

Because app stores have thousands of apps, and there are new ones added each day, when you release a new app, its visibility on the app store will be quick. That’s why it is critical to promote your app.

Promote App

Ultimately, you can’t count on iTunes or any app store to publicize or promote your app for you. You need to promote your app to break out of the pack.

A press release will get your app noticed by consumers and potentially get your app picked up by traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, TV shows. You can target your local media (local media loves local news stories).

App marketing has never been easier: After PR NewsChannel distributes your press release that promotes your app, you’ll have a link that you can add to Twitter, Facebook or other social media.

Promote your app via PR NewsChannel, contact our PR Newsroom to find out more.