SEC Regulations

Press releases distributed by PR NewsChannel comply with Regulation Fair Disclosure and Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002

SEC regulations disclosure press releasesThe Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires that publicly traded companies periodically make certain disclosures.

4. “Public Disclosure” Required by Regulation FD

…issuers could meet Regulation FD’s “public disclosure” requirement by filing a Form 8-K, by distributing a press release through a widely disseminated news or wire service…

When your company needs to widely disseminate material through a news release, PR NewsChannel makes it possible to do so affordably and effortlessly.

PR NewsChannel meets the “public disclosure” requirement in “Regulation FD.”

Press releases from publicaly traded companies distributed by PR NewsChannel are carried by top websites like Google Finance, Yahoo News, Google News, Bing and AOL Finance (Daily Finance); they also are syndicated by top syndication companies including Financial Content and Comtex. (See more: Visit Our Partners.)

Unless instructed otherwise by your company, the press release you distribute via PR NewsChannel remains in our archives and accessible to search engines for an indefinite period of time.

We also create a dedicated RSS feed just for your public traded company’s press releases. So, if you utilize that feed on your website, your website content will update automatically.

Selective Disclosure and Insider Trading

b. Alternate Methods of Public Disclosure

As a general matter, acceptable methods of public disclosure for purposes of Regulation FD will include press releases distributed through a widely circulated news or wire service, or announcements made through press conferences or conference calls that interested members of the public may attend…

Press Releases for Conference Calls

If your needs call for notifying the news media about about a conference call, PR NewsChannel optionally sends press releases via email to reporters, business correspondents and editors–both to newsrooms and assignment/planning desks. 

When issuing a press release announcing an upcoming conference call, under Regulation FD that press release would include the date, time, and call-in information for the conference call.

That press release usually provides adequate advance notice of the conference call. What’s adequate? That timing typically varies depending on whether the conference call is being held because of a developing or breaking news event or because of a quarterly earnings announcement that could be planned well in advance.

Some companies also choose to send a press release following the conference call to announce the availability of transcripts of the call. Those transcripts are generally posted on the public traded company’s website and a link is included in the press release.