Michael Amini® | kathy ireland® Home Designs To Launch in 2017

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161022 - High Point Marekt - Nourison - Michael Amini_AICO Signing_IMG_0125xMichael Amini and Kathy Ireland have inked a joint agreement to create a comprehensive home furnishings line, “Michael Amini® | kathy ireland® Home Designs.” The announcement was made jointly by Michael Amini, CEO of AICO/Amini Innovation Corporation and Kathy Ireland, CEO and Chief Designer of kathy ireland® Worldwide.

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“We had the opportunity to meet Kathy and her team and within a very short time in our conversation, we both knew there was a real chemistry developing. There was a mutual passion to share ideas and develop something truly special for the home furnishings industry,” says Mr. Amini. “I have been thinking about entering a whole new style category that addresses a broader and younger market. Kathy Ireland and the brand she and her company have built, enjoy an extraordinary relationship with this customer. Kathy and her creative team’s unique ability to truly understand their loyal customers’ needs, and translate those needs to luxurious, on-trend and yet affordable designs, is nothing short of remarkable. It is the reason Kathy and the kathy ireland® brand are leaders in many industries, including the Home category. We have already started the design process on a fabulous and highly affordable major product introduction for the typical mid-America lifestyle, based on Kathy’s and her creative team’s vision and concepts. We feel that these new eclectic and casual designs at great price points will reflect Kathy’s very successful brand and wide consumer appeal. We are truly excited to make an entrance into a new style category in partnership with one of the most powerful lifestyle design firms globally.”

“Everyone at kathy ireland® Worldwide is amazed by the talent, beauty and quality of Michael Amini® products, and the man responsible for the world’s most wonderful furniture,” says Kathy Ireland. “We’re delighted to design something very special for retailers to offer and satisfy today’s customers’ more relaxed lifestyle. With Michael at the helm of this collaboration, we believe, ‘Something wonderful is about to happen,” adds Ireland, who recently graced the cover of Forbes Magazine for the second time in four years, as one of America’s most successful self-made women. This month, Forbes Magazine also listed her as one of the country’s 20 most successful celebrities. This latest issue also features Casa Elizabeth, (former estate of Elizabeth Taylor) a kiWW® Weddings & Resorts property designed and curated by Kathy Ireland, as one of the top vacation destinations for the world’s rich and famous.

“Michael Amini may well be the most exquisite design house in the world of furniture. When our brand began, we disrupted this industry in powerful, positive ways. We led the path in licensing in the home industry. It is our intention and strategy with Michael to disrupt and lead again. We must teach, inspire, empower, and make the world better by explaining to retailers and our customers that approval is not design,” notes Kathy. “I’ve asked Michael to bring authenticity, truth, passion, and beauty to our concepts. He and I are working diligently with kiWW’s Global Creative Director, Jon Carrasco, to realize this difference between our partnership and celebrity licenses. Our infrastructure of over 160 people in offices and design studios all over America and the world makes our collaboration delightfully unique and singular. Our departments of media, brand management, retail, marketing, and design infuse the reality that Something Wonderful is About To Happen.”

“Nebraska Furniture Mart is proud to be the first retail partner for the entrance of kathy ireland® Worldwide into the furniture industry many years ago. We remain committed to Kathy and her brand and welcome the collaboration of Michael Amini® kathy ireland® Home Designs. This is a partnership that we support and in which we believe. As always is the case, be assured you will find these beautiful new products on our floors. Kathy does not lend her name or endorse. Kathy is the real deal, and so is Michael. Two great leaders poised to reinvent branding in our industry. The only thing more important than our great professional relationship is our special friendship,” said Irv Blumkin, Chairman and CEO of Nebraska Furniture Mart.

“This is our direction to go beyond licensing, and work with the finest innovators in industry,” says Stephen Roseberry, kiWW’s President and Chief Marketing Officer. “Our businesses are extraordinarily diverse and the success of our scaling is the result of the combined efforts of our great partnerships, customer embrace and of course, Kathy.”

“Kathy Ireland is a strong brand in the furniture industry. Michael Amini is a powerful force in the furniture industry. In my opinion, the two teaming up together will raise each of their talents to new heights,” says Irwin Novack, Kane’s Furniture CEO. “Their collaboration will bring about a unique, innovative, invigorating product line,” he adds.

The Michael Amini® & kathy ireland® Home Designs line is scheduled to launch in 2017. “We’re very pleased that kathy ireland® Worldwide has joined our co-branded portfolio. This will expand our collections for retailers, while maintaining excellence that is a hallmark of Michael Amini®. Because of the large amount of skus and various collections within this offering, we will announce a launch date in the near future, As always, a major introduction from Michael Amini® will require a spectacular presentation encompassing all facets of home furnishings teamed with an exciting debut event,” says AICO president Martin Ploy.

In 2010, Michael Amini partnered with Jane Seymour, actress, artist and philanthropist for a lifestyle furnishings line, Michael Amini® & Jane Seymour®, A Design Collaboration. Says Mr. Ploy, “Jane Seymour remains a very important part of our corporate family. Her long term partnership with Michael Amini has produced extraordinary results; some that helped re-define industry styling with the glitz and glam looks of Hollywood and the many glimmering collections that followed.”

About Michael Amini

Michael Amini is a designer, philanthropist, investor, world traveler and creator. Mr. Amini is the Chairman and CEO of Amini Innovation Corporation (AICO), one of the worlds most diverse and innovative furniture companies, which he founded over 28 years ago. As a young man, Michael Amini left home to travel and learn about new places, cultures, art, and architecture, and to pursue a better education. He first went to Greece and Paris, then finally to London where he studied for a year. He then traveled to the United States and attended college in Southern California where he graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Michael Amini® is a creative person who loves fashion, design and innovation. Also, he is a sensitive and caring person who is deeply devoted to his family, his employees, his customers and the ability to make a difference in today’s world. With both his beautiful home furnishing designs and his compassionate philanthropic efforts, it is his goal to create home environments that connects people emotionally with their lifestyle.

About kathy ireland® Worldwide

Listed as the 25th most powerful brand globally by License Global Magazine, with annual merchandise sales of $2.6 billion, according to Forbes Magazine, the success of kathy ireland® Worldwide is the result of teamwork and dedication.

Kathy has graced the cover of Forbes Magazine twice (2012, 2016) and in December 2016 listed by the same publication as one of the 20 most successful celebrities in the U.S. According to Fairchild Publications, Kathy Ireland is one of the 50 most influential people in fashion.

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