Social Media Press Release

Social Media Press Releases maximize, leverage the power of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

It’s time to make your press release more social with the Social Media Press Release.

What is a Social Media Press Release?

A Social Media Press Release maximizes and leverages the power of social media: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pintrest, etc.

Make it interactive with a Social Media Press Release.

Make it interactive with a Social Media Press Release.

A press release is not just for the press anymore. It’s also for consumers, i.e. your prospective customers or clients.

Think about the power you have when you can bypass journalists and reach the very people you are trying to reach when you use a Social Media Press Release!

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, combined with the power of social media and PR NewsChannel, your press release will pack power to rank high in the search engines for the key word phrases you are trying to capture and when your target audience reads your press release it will trigger a call to action.

(Check out the SEO Interactive Features for Social Media Press Releases.)

We are specialists in crafting the Social Media Press Release. We are such innovators in this area, in fact we teach a Social Media Press Release Workshop on this very topic! 

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