Book Press Release Distribution

It's a vital yet affordable part of any new book publicity campaign

book press release creationSo you already have a book press release ready to go (or soon will) and now you want to distribute a book press release…

If you are a self published author, you may be considering options other than what’s offered by your on-demand publisher or independent publisher.

Or perhaps your publisher does not offer a book press release distribution service…

Well, either way, we can help.

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We deliver your book press release both to reporters and editors nationwide (even worldwide) and also online so you gain maximum exposure for your new book.

A book press release distribution is a vital component to any book publicity campaign.

Without publicizing your book to reporters and readers, you don’t have much chance of selling the book that you spent so much time (and money) creating and publishing.

Advertising is expensive. But book press release distribution is affordable and cost-effective.

In almost every case, we can beat the price your publisher charges and offer you SUPERIOR service and results.

How book press release distribution works:

1. Your book press release distribution will be sent to reporters, editors and news decision-makers either in one metro area, statewide, nationwide or even globally, depending on what you choose. We have various options available.

2. Your press release will appear online in ALL the major search engines and will also be syndicated on dozens of top news websites like the Boston Globe, CBS Marketwatch, New York Newsday, Los Angeles Daily News and many others.

3. Your book press release distribution will be available for easy sharing on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

4. You will receive a complete Media Monitoring report (we call them BreakThrough Reports™.)

We’re sure you have questions! It’s a lot to take in. So we encourage you to contact us. Discover why our client services team is the best in the business.

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