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Your on-site content has been optimized, the Meta and ALT tags have been reviewed and Google Analytics has been added. Think your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts are finished? Think again!

Once you are happy with your on-site SEO efforts, it is time to focus on off-site optimization. This is where your public relations or B2B advertising departments come into the picture. Good business to business marketing and advertising departments should work in tandem with good SEO. When the two campaigns work separately, you are not getting the most out of either.

Writing a quality press release with relevant links to your website is one of the easiest ways to get your B2B marketing department and SEO campaign working in tandem. Press releases are great for announcing a new product line, new employees, special offers and business developments. They are also perfect fodder for link building!

Press releases should be made of quality, keyword rich content. This fresh content is a great addition to your website. It can be tiresome to constantly come up with new content to attract search engine spiders. With a press release, you have easy access to new content for your website. Make sure you share your targeted keywords with the B2B marketing department so the words can be included in the release.

You can enforce your branding advertising with press releases as well. Creating a recognizable brand can deliver much the same result as having first page rank on your keywords. Your online B2B marketing efforts should reinforce your brand and point people back to relevant pages of your website to learn more.

Newsworthy press releases or series of press releases can be distributed to news outlets quickly via the Internet. The recipients of an electronic press release will pass it along to interested persons with the click of a mouse. The more times the press release is viewed, the more visibility your website will receive, which is one of the main goals of SEO.

Getting a news outlet to pick up and publish a story about your press release is a great win! Not only will more people view information about your company, but the story will create a good quality link. Link building is an important part of your SEO efforts, as it influences your rank in search engines.

Be sure the link is relevant. If your press release is about a new study, publish the study on your website and link to it in the press release. Between breaking news and editorial deadlines, journalists are busy – if the information is not readily available, it can hurt your chances of a story being written.

Do not be disappointed if your press release is not picked up by a mainstream media source. In many cases, smaller niche websites are better than larger media outlets. People who visit the niche website are more interested in your industry and are more likely to engage with your website and your company. Major media outlets can go through hundreds of stories each day, and it is more likely your story will be quickly pushed off the front page of a major media site than a smaller one.

Blending your online PR and SEO efforts is best for both campaigns. When SEO and online B2B marketing campaigns can share their goals and understand what the other entity is doing, you will see tangible results faster than if the campaigns do not work together.



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1 Comment for How Online PR Can Help Your Search Engine Optimization

Tara Geissinger | October 12, 2010 at 9:03 AM

I totally agree! When optimised correctly, a press release can be a very valuable tool in your overall SEO campaign. It is proven that journalists ‘Google’ for sources just like the rest of us. By applying good SEO practices to your PR writing and distributing on a platform that is well-optimised, you increase the likelihood that your PR will rank well on the search engines. It is really a win/win for everyone!

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