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There are many ways to get media attention for your story, product or business. Most publicists would agree that the best way to get media attention is to hire a professional with unique connections to the media outlets you want to target.

Journalists are notoriously hard to reach, but, there are a few tricks of the trade to get their attention.

A PR Campaign

A carefully planned and executed PR campaign run by a PR firm can do wonders for your story, product or business. A quality PR firm like The Publicity Agency can strategize with you to determine your goals and devise a strategy to get there.

This may include tactics like crafting a pitch for producers at specific outlets, writing and distributing press releases and leveraging personal contacts to get a story covered.

You may be wondering, ‘why can’t I do this myself?’ The biggest difference between a pitch from Joe Q. Public and an established PR firm is credibility.

When journalists receive a pitch or press release from an established PR firm, they are more likely to open it. This is because PR firms establish give and take relationships with journalists.

PR firms make sure to give specific journalists quality stories that relate to their beat. These relationships make them more likely to consider a story and more likely to receive feedback if they aren’t interested.

Many PR firms, including The Publicity Agency, offer free consultations to determine if your philosophy aligns with theirs.

Press releases

Many individuals and small businesses find PR campaigns too expensive. The alternative is press release writing and distribution. This is a cost effective way to get your message out to the media without spending the money that usually comes with full-scale PR campaigns.

Press release newswires like PR NewsChannel offer to write a press release for you and distribute it to media areas of your choice. For example, if you’re a small business announcing your grand opening, you can call PR NewsChannel to write a press release and distribute it directly to journalist’s inboxes in your local city.

Press release writing is an art form that must be mastered to be considered. There are specific style and grammar rules that, if not followed, will make the release look amateur-ish and not considered for a story.

Quality press release writers will use search engine optimization techniques for the online audience and proper style for journalists. Striking this perfect balance is often difficult without proper training.

Make sure to temper your expectations. Very rarely does one press release to get you on the ‘Today’ show. Often, you can get a discount on a press release writing and distribution package when you purchase multiple.

Regardless which option you choose, there’s no greater benefit than free publicity.

About Melissa Rogovin:
Melissa is a publicist and project manager with the PR firm The Publicity Agency. The agency specializes in news publicity, crisis management and image consulting.


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