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What to Look for in a Press Release Distribution Service

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If you want publicity then you have to start communicating with the online world. The best way to announce company changes, new products or services, and notable events is with a press release. Should you write your own press release or outsource the job to a press release distribution service?

Most companies give press release work to their staff writers or their public relations department. If your business is small, you may share all of these duties with a handful of helpers. Do you have what it takes to write a press release? Writing a press release is not as easy as writing a general article for SEO purposes. SEO articles tend to be simplistic, sales-oriented and biased. A press release distribution service knows the difference between targeted keyword writing and press release-style reporting.

Press releases, while ultimately a promotion tool, should be written objectively. It should be written according to “pyramid style”, meaning the most important information is given first, and details are expounded later. The letter must be written according to Associated Press style. This requires the writer taking a professional tone, and not becoming overly familiar with the reader. Press releases should be free of clichés and word ploys that grab attention. In short, this is a journalistic article written to convey information. Press releases usually include brief interviews with company spokespersons and full contact information.

A press release distribution service handles more than just the writing. The company, usually an SEO firm though some public relations firms offer the same service, will also distribute the press release to the proper channels. Public relations firms do have connections, but they also charge thousands of dollars. Many SEO firms have their own connections in the media and can get press releases published through major news outlets.

The most important service a press release distribution service offers is that of quantity. In order to be noticed by the public, you must regularly submit and distribute press releases. Most websites aim for a one-month minimum. Remember, after 30 days your press release will either no longer be visible online, or will be a dead page somewhere, away from the eyes of the public.

Press releases are important to establish back links, boost sales and report on importance events and changes within your company. Why not search for an SEO firm that can help you build an online reputation?



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