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My first day at my internship with Selig Multimedia has come and gone and it was a success. So what did I gain and walk away with on my first day? Something that is very simple, yet very crucial.

I am in my second semester as a junior and had yet to hear the term ‘search engine optimization’ (SEO).  While shadowing with one of the staff members I learned about SEO and that anything being submitted on the web should have specific key words and search parameters in order to maximize search results that are most relevant.  So it only makes sense that in PR, you want to ensure that client is going to be one of the top results when their name is searched for on the web.

Therefore, when creating distribution lists or writing and submitting press releases it is important to include those parameters so you can ensure your client is getting the best and most relevant publicity possible.

Unsolicited advice from me to you day 1: Keep your AP Stylebook with you at all times. In fact, keep one at home and one in your car, handbag or briefcase. Consider it your PR bible. We are interns and unless you started writing for PR when you were 5 years old – you can always learn something new or just reinforce what you may already know.


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