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‘Make sure to attribute your press release,’ says PR expert about press release writing

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One of the biggest problems in newsrooms is the lack of attribution in any content produced.  Reporters love to say something happened at a crime scene and forget to say how they know it actually happened.  There are also times when it’s overdone, which is why using the word ‘alledgely’ is almost a joke these days.  Nonetheless, every reference is necessary and it’s needed every time you write a press release, too.

When you get ready to send a press release, make sure to look at what you’ve written. 

Here are some examples of a press release headline that needs some work:

‘New Product Takes 15 Years off Your Age’

The problem here is that the reader is left to assume that this is a true statement.  The product might do just that, but it needs an attribution…something like:

‘Dermatologist John Doe Says New Product Could Take 15 Years off Your Age’

It’s the same reason why reporters must say “Police tell us the shooter is a white male who recently broke up with his girlfriend.”  If a reporter doesn’t say that, then we are left to wonder how that is a fact or whether or not to even believe it.

The same concept is true with press release writing, so make sure when you write your next release, you double check for attribution.


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