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Press Release Sample Format: How to Write a Press Release

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While you should never write a press release using a fill in the blank format, it is important to have the proper formatting for your press release before you send the press release.

So here is a sample press release format to use as a guide when distributing a press release, whether it’s through PRNewsChannel ( or some other press release distribution company.

Press Release Headline in Upper and Lower Case

Use a subheadline in a sentence format.

(PRNewsChannel) / Month 00, 20xx /City, State / Use the first paragraph to set the tone of the release and to get to the point quickly. 

Use supporting paragraphs to bolster overall theme and try to include quotes because it makes the press release seem more real.

Usually about 400 words, four to six paragraphs, is a good length.  But press releases should be as long as they need to be.  But don’t overwhelm with information.

About the Company:  Use three sentences or so to tell a bit about the company, book or individual this press release is about.





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