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UNTHINK: A New Challenger in Social Media Marketing Approaches

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The world of social media marketing has a new kid on the block. Finally, UNTHINK is ready come out and play!

Four years in the making and with two months of limited beta under its belt, is finally opened to the public in limited release. Thousands of invitation codes have been sent to beta users to share with their friends. Those who receive an invitation code will be able to invite an unlimited number of people to join them.

UNTHINK bills itself as not just another social media platform, but a revolution for social networks. It was built to better serve and empower people and brands, while making their lives easier. Its ultimate goal is to unleash the potential of each unique individual.

The UNTHINK view of social media is different than Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any of the current titans of the internet. The organization’s philosophy states that one size does not fit all, intrusive behavior shouldn’t have to be tolerated and anyone can be extraordinary. The founders of UNTHINK Corporation and a team of more than 100 techies actually designed the UNTHINK platform with the intention of disrupting the existing market and shifting social media in a direction everyone can embrace.

The UNTHINK philosophy also states that any brand can be extraordinary, too. Current social media providers control the layout, data, content and in some cases the relationships brands experience on their platforms. UNTHINK not only gives people and brands more ownership over their data and privacy, it hands over more control to how that content is displayed.

With all of this in mind, the UNTHINK platform has great potential for PR and social media marketing opportunities. It was built with the idea that it would be heavily utilized in public relations and advertising practices. The terms and conditions of using UNTHINK are also intended to be a stabilizing force for brands and businesses against the unpredictable changes other social media networks regularly force on users.

In many respects, UNTHINK is doing a really good job of positioning itself as the anti-Facebook, which is probably why the response to UNTHINK has been overly enthusiastic. There has been an overwhelming demand for invitation codes and people have been signing on in droves. So much so that at times users have reported the system as slow. However, despite these growing pains users are reporting their experiences have been positive.

People are starting to get tired of the privacy and ownership games other social media providers play. UNTHINK could give brands a new channel of communication with consumers that could prove to be quite fruitful. It is just a matter of time before we’ll know if UNTHINK can become king of the social media hill.

Authored by Stacey Acevero, Community Manager PRWeb - Stacey is the social media community manager of PRWeb.  She is all about creative social media marketing ideas as well as building the PRWeb brand.


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