Press release newswire, content syndicator PR NewsChannel to release new video in September

In a sometimes misunderstood industry, video from press release distribution company, content syndicator is designed to inform, entertain
(PR NewsChannel) / August 27, 2015 / TAMPA, Fla. 

The press release newswire and content distribution company PR NewsChannel will release a new HD video in September.

Because the press release distribution industry is often shrouded in mystery, the press release newswire and content syndicator PR NewsChannel announced today that it has produced a new video that explains in a simple and entertaining fashion what the company does and how it helps businesses gain exposure.

Using its Tampa headquarters as the backdrop, the video, to be released in September, explains in a professional and entertaining fashion what makes PR NewsChannel different.

“We’ve shown the video to some groups and the feedback has been amazing,” says Glenn Selig, founder of PR NewsChannel and president and CEO of Selig Multimedia, Inc., which owns and operates the press release newswire and content syndicator. “We took a lot of time to produce it because we wanted it to be as good as it can be.”

PR NewsChannel has become a leading press release newswire because it is an affordable and effective solution for businesses worldwide that want to break through to gain publicity or reach consumers online.

PR NewsChannel’s journey began in 2007 after taking a hard look at the press release distribution industry. The company found that the perceived industry leaders failed to pay enough attention to quality. They appeared to be more interested in volume. And they were geared to the largest of the companies that have already made names for themselves. But what about the others, still working to break through?

Feedback showed that leading newswires consistently received poor marks from their members for customer service and ROI (return on investment). Customers felt they were being overcharged and the news distribution companies had under-delivered.

So, PR NewsChannel, the press release distribution company and content syndicator, asked themselves these questions:

1. Can they make it easier for a company or an individual to share their news?
2. Is it possible to make it more affordable?
3. Can they find a way to offer a little hand-holding and guidance; assistance that demystifies and simplifies the press release business?

The answers: Yes. Yes. And of course! Why not?

In 2007, in Tampa, Fla., PR NewsChannel was born, creating a difference in the world of press release distribution. And one targeting the 99% of companies working to break through! The company says it demonstrates every day why it is a different kind of press release newswire.

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