Author Web-Optimized + Distribution Package LITE


DESCRIPTION: The Author Press Release – Web-Optimized Writing + Distribution Package LITE features a professionally written, web optimized press release distributed to as many as 30,000 opt-in journalists and to 100+ news syndicators. This LITE version of the Author Web Optimized + Distribution Package is the same as Author Web Optimized + Distribution Package, but without Associated Press (AP) and one month of media monitoring. Our team has worked for authors publishing with CreateSpace, Lulu, AuthorHouse and many, many others.

A press release is a great way to let media outlets–such as newspapers, radio and TV–know about you and your book. A press release may help you get coverage by various media, which can increase your bookselling potential. A press release from PR NewsChannel is also direct-to-consumer, which means this properly crafted press release will also in essence do an “end-run” around the news media and get straight to the consumer!

What you get with the Web-Optimized Press Release:

  • A professional and trained staff PR writer crafts your press release and includes keywords and key word phrases to optimize it for search engine results, so that your release has a better chance of being found and read by journalists and consumers who might buy your book.
  • PR NewsChannel distributes the press release to as many as 30,000 opt-in journalists through our newswire and syndicates it to more than a hundred partner websites, which means we can GUARANTEE it will appear on certain websites, including Google News, Yahoo News and other websites where journalists search daily for relevant news and topics for story ideas and consumers look for interesting books to read.

View an example of a web-optimized press release.

What You Need to Know
Gaining media attention is an essential part of any successful book marketing campaign, and the Press Release – Web-Optimized Package is a great way to promote your book title. The cost for this service is $629. To learn more or to order this service, contact our PR Newsroom at 888-399-5534.

Author Web Optimized + Distribution Package LITE