Social Media Engagement

How distributing a press release can help your news spread like wildfire on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere.

Social networking is word of mouth advertising–to the extreme. It’s that famous “she told two friends” 1980’s shampoo commercial multiplied by a million.

But instead of telling two friends, and those people telling two friends, people are telling thousands at a time.

Social media engagement made easier

At PR NewsChannel, we make it super-easy to tweet, like, share, pin and bookmark every press release hosted on

The press releases on are dressed with a wardrobe of social media tools and buttons so simple to use that even novices can connect press releases with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites to create buzz about your press release.

These social networking tools encourage readers to discuss and share your press release with their friends, colleagues and followers. And that increases the chances that the press release you are sending will click with the very people you want to reach–potential customers and reporters.

There’s a lot of stuff you can do to make people want to share, tweet, like or pin your press release. It’s about creating a Social Media Press Release. It begins with making your press release more social.

PR NewsChannel starts new #trend

To provide press releases the ultimate real article feel, last year we introduced public commenting on press releases.

Don’t worry. Just like the news sites, we carefully screen the comments before anyone sees them.

But there’s more to creating a Social Media Press Release.