‘Sukhan-e-Dil: Poetry of Heart’ – a book on Hindi Shayari that will touch your heart

Let Ghazals connect with your emotions again!
(PR NewsChannel) / November 10, 2015 / BOSTON 

Sukhan-e-Dil_eBook_Cover_PageIn this fast-paced life, where everybody is in a constant rush, suddenly hearing a couplet from a Hindi Ghazal can soothe the heart and reveal those emotions that seemed to be lost. Time just stops. Yes! That is the aura of Ghazals.

Nitin Patil’s “Sukhan-e-Dil” is a collection of such Ghazals that will hopefully connect with the reader’s heart.

“Sukhan-e-Dil” is a humble contribution to the world of Hindi and Urdu poems (Ghazals) that express a journey of emotions. These emotions describe what many people feel in day-to-day lives – from love to hatred, from peace to distress and from completeness to void. Indeed, these are all part of life and what makes everyone alive!

Nitin’s “Sukhan-e-Dil” brings words to these emotions. It may also tickle those memories that one may think were lost long back. And hopefully these Ghazals will help you get closer to life.

Reminiscent of both older as well as modern styles of Shayari, “Sukhan-e-Dil” connects with the readers of different tastes. Although Ghazals are popular today, not everyone understands the benefit of knowing the meanings of even commonly used Urdu words in Shayari. “Sukhan-e-Dil” revives that experience by providing meanings of simple to complex words along with Ghazals so readers can enjoy reading without getting lost in words.

Sukhan-e-Dil_Back_CoverFor readers’ convenience, “Sukhan-e-Dil” is available worldwide in both paperback and eBook formats.

Readers can purchase Nitin Patil’s “Sukhan-e-Dil” on eBook via Smashwords, and on paperback via Amazon in the U.S. and India, or worldwide here.

For more information please visit: http://www.nitinpatil.me/books/Sukhan-e-Dil, https://www.facebook.com/SukhaneDil, http://www.nitinpatil.me/, https://www.facebook.com/AuthorNitinPatil

About Nitin Patil

Nitin Patil is a passionate author of Hindi and Urdu poetry (Ghazals). He considers his compositions as humble contributions to the wonderful world of Ghazals and hopes these help in connecting readers with their lives.


Nitin Patil


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SOURCE:  Nitin Patil

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