Proly, Laporte and Mulligan, P.A.: Content marketing helps law firms and this article is Exhibit A

Content marketing can aid personal injury, wrongful death law firms such as Proly, Laporte and Mulligan, P.A. get noticed online by prospective clients
(PR NewsChannel) / November 14, 2016 / TAMPA, Fla. 

PRNewsChannelAre you with the Proly, Laporte and Mulligan, P.A. in Port Richey, Fla.? Because we wrote this article to attract you. (We love when a great plan comes together.)

The entire purpose of this article is to demonstrate to the personal injury and wrongful death law firm, Proly, Laporte and Mulligan, P.A., the benefits of content marketing and how a content marketing strategy vis-à-vis PR NewsChannel is an effective way to attract prospective clients.

You see, with content marketing, articles act as magnets to attract your target audience. In this case, the article is being used to attract Proly, Laporte and Mulligan, P.A..

Any article from Proly, Laporte and Mulligan, P.A. could be created to attract personal injury or other clients.

Cool, hah?

This content marketing article is search engine optimized for certain words. It was then distributed via the press release newswire/content syndicator PR NewsChannel, headquartered in Tampa, just a few miles south of the Port Richey offices of Proly, Laporte and Mulligan, P.A. Just like we brought the Proly, Laporte and Mulligan, P.A. to this article, your law firm can use a similar strategy to attract clients.

“It’s less expensive and beats the socks off of paid search engine placement,” says Adam Farragut from PR NewsChannel. “The articles you distribute on PR NewsChannel to attract new clients, or for some other purpose, will be found in the organic search engines, not in the paid section. And they will stay there indefinitely so that prospective clients can find you just like you’re finding us.”

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. Some of the most savvy law firms and businesses around the world create content, and distribute that content via PR NewsChannel.

“We are using content marketing and content distribution to demonstrate to Proly, Laporte and Mulligan, P.A. that this tactic works,” says Farragut. “There are millions of articles out there and this one article found the key decision makers at Proly, Laporte and Mulligan, P.A..”

With millions of articles posted online each day, isn’t it impressive that this particular article found its way to the Proly, Laporte and Mulligan, P.A.?

Imagine the possibilities. Better yet: Give us a call. And find out why some of the biggest names in business rely on PR NewsChannel to help them get noticed online.

For more information about PR NewsChannel for law firms and how the Tampa headquartered company can help Proly, Laporte and Mulligan, P.A. effectively attract new business, please visit, call 888-399-5534 or email .

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