New cookbook fuses African, Latin American, Asian cuisines with European, American cuisines

“Fusion Cuisine Goes Global” by Evelyn Adlam blends exotic ingredients and techniques to create dishes that defy conventional boundaries
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Fusion Cuisine Goes Global

"Fusion Cuisine Goes Global" by Evelyn Adlam

“Fusion Cuisine Goes Global” (ISBN 1463510446) by Evelyn Adlam offers fusion recipes inspired from her work-related travels and dining around the world.  

A British lady born in Uganda, Evelyn’s passion for cooking was first inspired by her mother. As an adult, her career took her around the world and introduced her to new and exciting cuisines and cooking techniques. Her English husband, Ian, also a very keen cook, played a significant role in her culinary development. Even now they still find a lot of enjoyment fusing their different cooking approaches in their own kitchen. In “Fusion Cuisine Goes Global,” Evelyn shares recipes for appetizers/starters, entrees/mains, desserts/sweets and sauces and marinades, boasting influences from Uganda, India, Latin America and many more.

The book is easy to use and depicts interesting and exciting recipes, many of which are quite unusual. It features African food ingredients and cooking methods, mainly from Uganda, fused with other cuisines – European, American, Asian, Latin American and the Caribbean.

Intended to serve as a practical guide for readers to create colorful and flavorful dishes, the book also urges exploration of, and openness to, new and unusual flavors and new cooking methods. Although not a professionally trained cook, Evelyn is a very accomplished gourmet cook, offering instructions in a readable, easy-to-use format designed for cooks from all backgrounds and experience levels.

“Fusion Cuisine Goes Global” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author: Evelyn Adlam, a very keen and established cook, is a British lady, who was born in Uganda.  Following her graduation from Uganda’s Makerere University she qualified in human resources and worked as a senior executive in personnel/human resources positions in public and private organizations in Uganda, Kenya and the United Kingdom until 1999, when she and her husband started their own business in London. Passionate about cooking since she was a little girl, Evelyn learned to make classic Ugandan and British dishes from her mother and her British home economics teacher at school. He career took her to different parts of the world where she was introduced to many exotic dishes. Tasting these dishes inspired Evelyn to venture into bringing the ingredients and cooking techniques from these different countries together to create a book offering a globally-fused cuisine.

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