Historical research about Southwestern witchcraft, Catholic secret society sets background for entertaining novel

Belinda Vasquez Garcia is inspired by a photo of three real witches to tell the story of a young girl forced into a life she has no desire for in “The Witch Narratives: Reincarnation”
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The Witch Narratives

"The Witch Narratives" by Belinda Vasquez Garcia

In her book “The Witch Narratives: Reincarnation” (ISBN 1466429798), Belinda Vasquez Garcia creates an imaginative and compelling story about friendship, love, betrayal and toxic family ties set during the Roaring ’20s and the Great Depression in a small New Mexico coal mining town afflicted by a clash of two faiths between Hispanic and Native American witchcraft and a Catholic Secret Society known as the Penitentes.

In a critique by Kirkus Reviews, the novel is described as, “A fabulous story packed with detail that explores both the positive and damning effects of extreme faith in a way that feels both fresh and authentic. With a killer twist near the end and supernatural folklore that feels grounded in reality, Garcia’s title is fluid and well-paced, never taking the audience’s attention for granted. The world the author creates is rich, and lush; supernatural fans will certainly appreciate the copious worldbuilding that went into this novel. Readers won’t be able to put it down – especially after one character’s very disturbing return.”

In Garcia’s debut, Kirkus Reviews reveals that “the lives of two young girls in early 20th-century Madrid, N.M., are threatened when the combative powers of witchcraft and Catholic mysticism fight for supremacy with devastating consequences. Garcia’s novel weaves between the lives of two very different young ladies: Salia, a witch raised on the outskirts of town by a selfish mother and an uncaring grandmother; and Marcelina, a Catholic girl plagued by tragedy and death. However different their upbringings and backgrounds, the two girls come together at strategic times in their lives to find solace and balance in one another after the damage they’ve suffered because of their faith. The first time they unite, it’s because Marcelina’s family has been cursed by a centuries-old witch who has risen from the ground and thirsts for blood. The action only ramps up from there. Through family deaths, personal suffering and even a few romantic encounters, the intertwining tales of Marcelina and Salia become incredibly riveting, even moving.”

Garcia says her inspiration for this story came when she visited Madrid, N.M., which became a ghost town in the 1950s. She later ran across an old photo of three real witches, and the image of the youngest witch left an indelible mark on Garcia. “The haunted eyes of the young girl squeezed between her mother and aunt intrigued me. I thought about a girl being forced to follow in her mother’s magical footsteps and join the family business, so to speak,” Garcia says.

“The Witch Narratives: Reincarnation” is the first of a trilogy and is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Author:  Belinda Vasquez Garcia was born in Pomona, Calif. and grew up as the daughter of a seasonal carpenter and housewife in a family that never had much money. The only books her family ever owned were the A and B encyclopedias and Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary, which was used as a stool as often as it was used for word definitions. She read her first novel when she was 7 and has been entranced ever since. After her father abandoned the family and losing her mother at the age of 16, Garcia managed to put herself through school, earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of New Mexico. She worked as a software engineer and in her spare time, honed her craft of writing fiction. Her previous experience was writing technical documents.

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