Unions deride passage of ‘Paycheck Protection’ bill in Missouri Senate

IUOE Local 18 in nearby Ohio says it's another example of why vigilance is necessary to fight the anti-union efforts twistedly billed as pro-worker
(PR NewsChannel) / March 10, 2016 / ST. LOUIS 

Missouri_State_SealHouse Bill 1891, the latest so-called Paycheck Protection legislation in Missouri, has sailed through both the Missouri Senate and House with sweeping majorities, making it unlikely that there’s anything anyone can do to stop it from becoming law—even the governor.

Similar to the 2013 Paycheck Protection measure that was vetoed by Gov. Jay Nixon, the latest bill passed with such large majorities in both legislative bodies that it’s likely those pushing the measure have enough votes to override a potential veto.

“It’s a disappointing development but as we’ve learned time and time again, the fight is far from over,” says Richard Dalton, business manager for the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 18 in Ohio. “The only thing that’s certain is that regardless of whether the bill is struck down or not, Missouri unions will continue to stand up for workers in their state.”

Although the Paycheck Protection bill is deemed to be anti-union and anti-worker by labor supporters, the legislation is billed by backers as pro-worker because it offers workers options.

House Bill 1891 would “prohibit any sum from being withheld from the earning of a public employee… for dues, agency shop fees, or other fees… except upon annual written authorization from the employee.”

Which means that on an annual basis, unions must ask each worker to opt-in to paying union dues, a painstaking and costly process that siphons resources from lobbying or other efforts unions engage in to protect their members, as well as wages and benefits throughout the workplace.

In Missouri, union members are currently on an opt-out program, which allows them to leave at any time after a one-time sign up.

“The amount of extra paperwork and time will be a nightmare for Missouri unions,” says Dalton. “It should be a wakeup call to every union member in Ohio that these measures are an assault on unions and all the mechanisms in place to protect workers.”

Often called misleading names such as “Paycheck Protection” and “Workplace Freedom,” opponents of divisive efforts such as this remain dedicated to ensuring the voting public knows the truth about the GOPs controversial Right to Work agenda.

Right to Work laws prohibit making union dues a condition of employment and have been passed in 25 states. Opponents say such laws weaken workers’ rights and will lead to lower salaries, decreased benefits and inferior working conditions.

For more information on Right to Work in Ohio, visit: http://protectohiosmiddleclass.org/

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