Tampa Dermatologist warns against sun-safety complacency as summer comes to a close

Dr. Seth Forman provides skincare and prevention tips for healthy skin year-round
(PR NewsChannel) / October 1, 2015 / TAMPA, Fla. 

Tampa dermatologist Forman dermatology and skin cancer instituteWith another summer officially in the books, Tampa dermatologist Dr. Seth Forman is reminding everyone to keep their skin in mind even as beach season comes to a close.

“The end of summer is the time when sunscreen use and skincare concerns starts to take a backseat for a lot of people,” said Dr. Forman. “But it’s important to remember to continue taking an active role in your skin’s health all year.”

Whether you’ve spent the entire summer laying on the beach or have spent most of it going about your daily routine, Dr. Forman urges everyone to keep an eye out for any irregularities that could be linked to sun damage.

Noting that skin cancer should be detected early to maximize treatment, he also suggests everyone utilizes the American Academy of Dermatology’s “ABCDEs” of melanoma when checking for symptoms:

  • A for Asymmetry: One side of a mole is not identical to the other side.
  • B for Border irregularity: The mole has uneven, notched or blurred edges.
  • C for Color: The mole varies in color from one area to another.
  • D for Diameter: Most melanomas are bigger than the size of a pencil eraser when diagnosed, but can be smaller.
  • E for Evolving: A mole or skin lesion that changes in color, shape or size over time.

“By checking your skin regularly you’re helping to ensure that you’re ahead of the curve should something come up,” said the Tampa dermatologist. “The damaging effects of UV radiation can last a lifetime, that’s why everyone needs to stay vigilant in maintaining safe habits when it comes to sun exposure.”

In addition to regularly applying sunscreen, Dr. Forman says consumers can take other precautions including sunglasses, hats and long-sleeved shirts to provide added sun protection. He also warns against overlooking commonly ignored areas when applying sunscreen including the edges of the face, ears and toes.

Dr. Forman is the founder of Forman Dermatology and Skin institute, located in Tampa, Fla. and has appeared on TV shows across the country, including the nationally syndicated show “The Doctors,” to provide sun-protection tips and to demonstrate his breakthrough skin cancer treatments.

For more on Dr. Seth Forman, Tampa dermatology or Forman Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute, please visit www.FormanDerm.com.

About Dr. Seth Forman: Dr. Forman is a board-certified dermatologist practicing in Tampa, Florida. He was voted the “Best Dermatologist in Carrollwood” in August 2011 by the Carrollwood News and Tribune. In December 2011, he opened his new Tampa dermatology office, Forman Dermatology and Skin Cancer Institute, where he gives psoriasis sufferers access to the latest treatment options, including topical and oral medications, as well as biological and phototherapy. Dr. Forman is one of the few Tampa dermatologists to offer narrowband light therapy, which uses pharmaceutical grade light to suppress psoriasis. He’s also one of the few board-certified dermatologists in the U.S. to use the SRT-100 radiotherapy to treat basal cell carcinoma, the most common form of skin cancer.

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