To protest Right to Work, union supporters flock to Columbus for Koch brothers’ event

More than 3000 people rally in Ohio's capital city to show their support for unions in the state
(PR NewsChannel) / September 11, 2015 / COLUMBUS, Ohio 
Credit: Politico

Credit: Politico

With the Right to Work struggle as contentious as ever, union supporters in Ohio rallied in the state capital with a show of unity and force to greet the billionaire Koch brothers, who are widely considered the driving force behind Right to Work movement.

More than 3,000 protesters marched last week to the Greater Columbus Convention Center, where the anti-union group Americans for Prosperity was hosting its two-day “Defending the American Dream Summit.”

Organized by the Ohio AFL-CIO, the protest, which stretched the entire length of the convention center and included a large puppet in the likeness of Wisconsin Gov. and Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker, was applauded by the state’s other labor leaders.

“We have said from day one, the victor in this struggle is the one that has the people of the state of Ohio behind them,” said Richard Dalton, business manager for the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 18 which represents all of Ohio and several counties in Kentucky. “We have dedicated our efforts to educating the general public and letting them lead with their voices and their votes.”

A number of protesters chanted their disapproval of further expansion of Right to Work laws which are seen as a direct attack on the existence of unions.

Americans for Prosperity sees right-to-work as a key fairness issue, though it has seen fierce opposition in Ohio. The most recent passage of right-to-work legislation, Senate Bill 5 in 2011, was later overturned by voters at the ballot.

Former Gov. Ted Strickland told the Columbus Dispatch that the crowd was “an indication that working people in Ohio are fed up with the billionaire class being supported by the millionaire Senate class, taking advantage of them.”

As the campaign season begins to heat up in advance of the 2016 presidential election, all eyes will once again be on Ohio, a crucial swing state, which Dalton believes presents a perfect opportunity for Ohioans to express their concerns.

“This topic reaches to the very core of Ohioans and their beliefs,” said Dalton. “If we are to ensure that Right to Work legislation continues to flounder in Ohio, Ohioans must carry on and demonstrate in likeness, while the spotlight is on us.”

Opponents of the recent Ohio Right to Work effort, including the “Workplace Freedom” bills, contend that the initiative’s true intent is to kill unions and worker protections, ultimately leading to a weaker middle class.

Whether the terms used are “Paycheck Protection,” “Workplace Freedom” or Right to Work, opponents of the effort remain dedicated to ensuring the voting public knows the truth about the GOP’s divisive agenda.

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